Our Services

We Provide
World Class Fulfillment Services

Storage Solution

Our ambient storage offers the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of goods, while our temperature-controlled facilities ensure optimal conditions for sensitive items.

Pick & Pack

We excel in managing high-volume order fulfillment where we process an impressive 100,000 parcels a day

Automate Picking

We minimizing human involvement during the picking process, we substantially reduce the chances of errors.

Barcode Scanning

Utilizing barcode/SKU scanning, we guarantee 99.99% accuracy by minimizing human error in item registration.

Customised Service

We understand that every business is unique, and that is why we offer tailored services to match your distinct needs.

Real Time Tracking

Effortlessly track your items with our up-to-the-minute inventory system. Stay informed about your inventory’s status and location in real time, making your operations even smoother.